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Finding the right workplace hotline for your organization doesn't have to be a long, painful process. We will quickly help you discover if NWFC™ is a good fit based on your specific needs and budget.


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  • Flexible Subscription Fees and Price Options

  • How effective hotlines must accommodate the way today's workforce prefers to communicate 

  • The profile of our ideal customer

  • An overview of the system and report workflow

  • The value of digitized experts elicitation interviews

  • How our Justification Toolkit (and our staff) provide personal support through the entire buying process

  • How we are a full partner with you during the implementation and awareness programs phase

  • Our flexible subscription options and pricing, to include discounts and multi-department options

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Why Neighborhood Watch for Corporations® ?

Multiple Reporting Channels

Mobile (web) app and desktop-based reporting options help reduce time to discovery.

2- Way Anonymous Communication

Users can provide additional information and respond to follow up questions while anonymous.

Quicker Resolution

Our digitized expert elicitation interviews uncover more actionable contextual details.